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Behavioural Health Consultation
for Positive Behaviour Change

Getting Help


If your child or family are experiencing any of the following challenges, you may consider behaviour consultation. Please contact me to decide if my services would be a good fit for your family.

Trouble following home routines (e.g., morning, bedtime, mealtimes)

Frequent conflict with siblings, peers or parents

Lack of flexibility or rigid behaviours

Challenges with following instructions

or cooperating

Barriers to inclusion in school or community

Making and keeping friends, social skill limitations

Verbal and/or physical aggression

Limited leisure/play skills

Trouble with transitions or finishing time on technology

Limited executive functioning skills (following routines, planning)

Lacking daily living/life skills

IEP input and school advocacy

I am currently not accepting new clients, but please add your name to my waitlist if you are interested in future telehealth services.
Scroll to the bottom of the booking page to find the waitlist.


B.A. Honours, Queen's University

B.Ed. Queen's University

M.Ed. University of British Columbia (Autism & Developmental Disabilities)



Home Behaviour Consultant

District Resource Teacher, Public School District


Public Special-Education Teacher

Autism school teacher and educational assistant

Workshops and Teacher Training


ACT Bootcamp for BCBAs

Positive Behaviour Interventions & Supports  Coach

PECS Training

Person-Centred Planning Facilitator

Approach and Principles

Dually-certified as a BCBA and BC Teacher, I am passionate about seeing young people be successfully included in their community through effective positive behaviour support, based in the science of behaviour. Coaching family members, caregivers and others working closely with an individual is a critical part of behavioural health and I enjoy working closely with both the client and their caregivers. I am a certified PEERS Instructor and am trained to deliver PEERS via telehealth. I serve clients between the ages of 6-18. 

I don't see my role as a BCBA to 'fix' your child, but rather facilitate behaviour change that results in values-centred living for both the young person and their family/caregivers. I strive to listen and learn from neurodivergent voices and take a collaborative approach with my services. As a trained person-centred planner, I highly value the involvement of the client in goal-setting and therapeutic services. 


About me

I have been working with neurodivergent individuals since 2004. Having taught in both public and private schools, I am experienced in collaborating with school teams and advocating for effective behaviour support for young people. I have also served families in home settings as a Behaviour Consultant, providing assessment, planning and coaching to promote positive behaviour change in the home and community. I am passionate about seeing young people be successfully included in their community through effective positive behaviour support. 




Behaviour Consultation

Assessment, planning and coaching for implementation of positive behaviour supports. Can be delivered via telehealth or a hybrid model.

Person-Centred Planning

Preparing adolescent clients for success in community-based settings by facilitating a wraparound planning process

Fees & Funding

Fee for Service

Clients without Autism Funding accepted. Please contact me for hourly rates.

Autism Funding (BC Clients)

If your child has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, you can access funding through the Autism Funding Unit and MCFD. For more information about diagnosis and accessing funding, see the Autism Funding website

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