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Person-Centred Planning

My experience in teaching students from junior grades through to high school has made me passionate about preparing students for adulthood. Starting the planning process early is a critical step towards future success. Person-centred planning is an approach to supporting a young person transition into adulthood in a way that puts their strengths, interests, needs, hopes and dreams at the centre of the planning process.

After exploring transition-planning in my professional context, I had the opportunity to expand my skills by being trained to facilitate person-centred planning (PCP). This powerful tool can be used to rally support around a person in preparation for adulthood. It is designed to flesh out the goals and aspirations of the individual but also have their supporters and community speak into the planning process. This powerful process involves an initial information and planning session, followed by a broader event to which the person's community is invited to attend. I facilitate the conversation at the meeting while the goals are visually represented.  The result is a visually designed plan with concrete steps towards a successful transition into adulthood and onward. 


Fee: $100/hour total for the services of a PCP facilitator and graphic facilitator.

​Suggested age: 13-Adult

*This service is not covered by my BCBA credential. I am however, trained to facilitate Person-Centred Planning*

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