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About Me

I have been working with neurodivergent individuals with behaviour challenges or developmental exceptionalities since 2004. Certified as both a Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and BC Teacher, I have taught in both public and private schools. I am experienced in collaborating with school teams and advocating for effective and appropriate behaviour support for young people. I serve families in home settings as a Behaviour Consultant, providing assessment, planning and coaching to promote positive behaviour change in the home and community. I am passionate about seeing young people be successfully included in their community through effective positive behaviour support. Coaching family members, caregivers and others working closely with an individual is an important part of behavioural health and I enjoy working closely with both the client and those closest to them. I am a certified PEERS Instructor and am trained to deliver PEERS online via a telehealth model. ​

I have experience working in a large school district in the Lower Mainland, supporting students and teachers in promoting positive behaviour change in the classroom. Additionally, I have worked in the private school system, serving students with complex needs. My passion is working with young people to see them succeed by developing skills and behaviours that foster a better quality of life as they grow and mature.  I value research and am always seeking to understand behaviour in a deeper way by informing my practice with current findings both from within behavior analysis and other related fields.

Collaboration is important to me and I thoroughly enjoy working on large teams with schools and other behavioral health or medical professionals. In fact, I'm so excited about this that I have created podcast and blog called The Behavioral Health Collective designed to promote collaboration between behavioural health professionals. 



Image of a woman with brown hair. Erika Ng

Scope of Practice


B.A. Honours, Queen's University

B.Ed. Queen's University

M.Ed. University of British Columbia (Autism & Developmental Disabilities)


Board Certified Behaviour Analyst


 BC Certified Teacher

Certified PEERS Trainer


Home Behaviour Consultant

District Resource Teacher


Public Special-Education Teacher

Autism school teacher and educational assistant

Workshops and Teacher Training


ACT Bootcamp for BCBAs

Positive Behaviour Interventions & Supports  Coach

PECS Training

Person-Centred Planning Facilitator

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