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Overview: Behaviour Consultation Process

Intake meeting

At this time, the contract will be reviewed and signed. After this, an intake form will be filled out. This will include relevant background information about the family, child/adolescent and behaviours of concern. Initial goals are discussed. 


The client is involved in the assessment and goal-setting process. Guided by the goals set by the family in conversation with myself, the assessment process will include a more detailed interview about the routines and behaviours of concern

Observation & data collection

If relevant, I will schedule a time to meet and observe the child/adolescent during the routine or a specific time of day that is concerning. Alongside this, the family will be asked to track some of the behaviours of concern. This allows for a better understanding of why a behaviour is occurring. When we understand the factors, we can create effective interventions.

Design Treatment Plan

This is a collaborative process in which I will design the intervention based on the assessment process. The interventions recommended will be discussed as the plan is designed to ensure it fits with the client, family values, culture and routines

Training and Implementation

After the plan has been designed, I will support with training and implementation for the home and community. Anyone working with the child/adolescent can be part of the support plan training and implementation process


As the plan is implemented, a few things happen during the monitoring process. We continue to objectively track success of the plan so we can make informed decisions as to how to proceed. This may include implementing additional strategies into the support plan, expanding the plan to include new people or environments, or scaling back to focus on specific areas of the plan.

ongoing support 

Continued support for implementation can occur to follow-through for success of the positive behaviour support plan. New goals may be established and addressed in the same fashion. 


When a mutual decision is reached between myself and the family that goals have been met and there are no new goals to work on, the contract can be terminated. You will be provided with a summary of service.

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