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Approach and Principles

Trained as a behaviour analyst, my services are grounded in the science of human behaviour. I assess for trauma and make trauma-informed treatment decisions. My client-centred behavioural health consultation services are founded on the premise that one's environment affects one's behaviour. All positive behaviour support plans are based on a coaching model to support the adults that are in the daily life of the child/young person. This capacity-building approach allows for sustainable behaviour change as families are equipped with the skills they need to not only foster positive behaviour but maintain it.

I strive to be a neurodiversity-affirming practitioner by listening to and learning from the lived experience of neurodiverse individuals and allowing that to shape my practice.

I am certified as Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and registered with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. When you receive services from a BCBA, you can expect your consultant to serve you within the BCBA Ethics Code. A BCBA uses the science of behaviour to support positive behaviour change and improve quality of life for individuals. The BCBA credential is important because it ensures that the services you receive from your consultant are evidence-based and grounded in science. 

I value looking to research and evidence-based practices of related fields to better understand behavior science. Collaboration with other professionals is important to me and I seek to integrate learning from other fields into my work.

I provide a free 30-minute information session for families as an opportunity for them to meet me. No personal information will be gathered at this time, nor is there any obligation to initiate services after this meeting. The purpose of this information session is simply to get to know me, my services and I can answer any questions you may have. 

 Services are currently provided via telehealth or a hybrid model.

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Combining Positive Behaviour Support, Behaviour Analysis,  and Acceptance and Commitment Training, I support families in meaningful change by involving families in the process of assessment, collaborating, coaching, practicing and implementing practical and effective behaviour change strategies

Behavioural Skills Training

 An evidence-based method of teaching a new skill. It involves describing the skill, modelling it, providing the opportunity for the individual to practice it, and providing feedback. 

Behaviour Science

 Behavior Analysis draws on decades of research into human behaviour and behaviour change. This science of human behaviour seeks to understand the context in which behaviour is occurring and create positive behaviour change that is meaningful and socially significant for the individual.

Acceptance and Committment Training

With the purpose of teaching psychological flexibility to live a value-oriented life, ACT draws on mindfulness, contextual behaviour science and experiential learning to teach individuals to manage aversive feelings and engage in behaviours in line with one's values.

Positive Behaviour Supports

Built on the principles of Behaviour Analysis, PBS is a framework for improving the quality of life of an individual by supporting them in a holistic, person-centred manner. Part of this includes person-centred planning and including the client in their own goal-setting.

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