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School Consultation Services

Families may want an outside perspective to help them navigate special education services in the school system. Perhaps your child is newly diagnosed as neurodivergent or the school team is suggesting an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) be created to support your child's needs. Your child may have had an IEP for some time now but you want another perspective on goals. You may feel like you want help bridging strategies between home and school or want some assistance in advocating for your child with their school team in a positive and collaborative manner. This is where school consultation can be helpful.

I have been a teacher since 2010 and have taught in both public and private educational settings as a teacher and educational assistant. I have also served as a District Resource Teacher in public education and consult with school teams as an outside consultant on a regular basis with my clients.


A few tools that can be helpful during school consultation include my training and experience with School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support implementation, behavior analytic principles, Acceptance and Committment Training (AIM, DNA-V) , experience writing and reviewing IEPs and a collaborative approach to advocating for students.


Here are a few ways I can support you:

 School Consultation and Collaboration

If your child’s school team agrees to work together with an outside consultant, school consultation is a service that involves positive collaboration between the school team, myself, and the family.

This process involves an intake, file review, observation or meeting with the child/young person and goal setting with the school team and family. A positive behaviour support plan may be created at this time or some recommendations may be made to create a few changes to the school environment.


Success of this service is contingent on the school team not only consenting to an outside consultant/advocate but is supportive of the idea of working together in a mutually-respectful, co-operative manner to support the child.

Collaborative IEP Consultation

Your child may be new to having an IEP written at school or you’d like to have an outside set of experienced eyes on your child’s IEP.  This service involves an intake, file review, observation or meeting with the child/young person and goal setting with the family. Attendance at an IEP meeting is optional but available upon request.

School Advocacy

 If you are wanting someone to support you in advocating for your child with your school team, this service may be of help. This service involves an intake, goal-setting, file review, observation and attendance at school meetings, if you wish. I have been in a variety of roles around the school team table and really love working together with families and school teams to achieve optimal outcomes for the student that are mutually benefical to the family and school team. 

School Consultation Services are available in the Vancouver area (Lower Mainland), Tofino/Ucluelet and Whistler, British Columbia via a hybrid model

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